Apple removes vocals from Idris Elba's music in iPhone 14 ad


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Apple removed vocals from Idris Elba's “Big and Bigger” track used in iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus ads, apparently due to misheard text.

Two months after the ad was placed on YouTube, and after it reached over five million views, Apple re-released the video without the opening vocals. The company did not comment on their decision, but it is likely that the change was due to the lyrics, which were often misunderstood.

The new version of the ad only includes the music element of Elbe's “Biggest” dance track. The ad originally used the song from around the 65th second of the track, at the point where the word “more” was repeated.

This word, heard without the text of the first minute preceding it, can be perceived as a racial slur.

At the time of writing, the original announcement was still posted on YouTube by Apple Australia.

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