Apple Releases Third tvOS 16.2 Developer Beta

Apple Releases tvOS 16.2 Beta 3 to DevelopersTuesday, November 15, 2022 10:13 AM PST by Julie Clover

Apple today released the third beta of the upcoming tvOS 16.2 update to developers for testing purposes, including version will be released a week after Apple. released its second beta.

Developers can download the tvOS 16.2 beta by uploading a profile to an Apple TV using Xcode.

tvOS updates are often minor in scope and focus on internal bug fixes and improvements rather than notable external-facing changes, but there are some noteworthy features in the tvOS 16.2 update. It adds support for a new Home app architecture that is designed to make Home setup faster and more reliable.

tvOS 16.2 also adds a new Siri voice recognition feature, allowing ‌Apple TV‌ recognize each family member by voice by switching to the appropriate profile. This makes it easy to switch between ‌Apple TV‌ users, getting to the right music, series, recommendations and much more. Voice recognition supports up to six family members.

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