Apple Releases Second Rapid Security Response in iOS 16.4 Beta

Second First Responder Update


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On Monday afternoon, Apple released a second test of the Rapid Security Response system found in iOS 16.4.

The company plans to use Rapid Security Response updates to quickly patch security holes that are actively exploited by hackers. This is the second update for iOS 16.4 beta testers since Apple released the first just five days ago.

Users can find the update in Settings > General > Update the software and look for iOS Security Response 16.4(b). Apple is probably still testing the update feature until it decides the system is perfect for official releases. Users who run the Rapid Security Response update and encounter issues can revert to a previous version of iOS.

The company is currently testing the next versions of its operating systems, all of which should arrive sometime next month.

Separately on Monday, Apple released the tvOS 16.3.3 update, which fixes an issue that could cause the Siri Remote to become unresponsive on the Apple TV 4K (3rd generation).

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