Apple releases AirTags firmware update

Julie Clover

Apple today released a new firmware update designed for its AirTag item trackers with an updated build number of 2A36 compared to the 2A24e firmware that Apple started releasing in November. Please note that when you install the update, you will see the version number 2.0.36.

About what's included in the update , but Apple can provide a support document with details.

You can't force an AirTag update as it's done wirelessly through a connected iPhone. To make sure the update happens, you can put your AirTag within range of your ‌‌iPhone‌‌, but you need to wait for the firmware to be installed on your device. You can check the current version of the AirTag firmware through the Find My app with the instructions available in our guide.

Curiously, Apple started providing the previous 2A24e AirTags firmware on a permanent basis in November, but eventually abandoned the update before he saw the full launch. The new firmware released today replaces this version.

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