Apple recreates missed 3D Touch in new iOS 17 beta

Apple replaced 3D Touch with Haptic Touch in 2019

Users can now speed up iPhone haptic feedback Thanks to a new tweak in iOS 17, and at its fastest, it's getting closer to how the old 3D Touch used to work.

Apple ditched the 3D Touch hardware feature with pressure-sensitive screens back in 2019. This was then thought to be due to the fact that few users discovered and used the feature, but those who used it liked it.

In comparison, the haptic feedback that Apple has implemented instead, — where the screen is not pressure sensitive, but the phone artificially responds as if it were — never been the same. This was mainly because 3D Touch worked so fast when you clicked on an app to bring up the popup menu.

Now that Apple is releasing the second developer beta of iOS 17, it looks like it's trying to recreate 3D Touch.

As Twitter user AppleIntro first noted, the updated Settings app now includes a section that's actually called “3D & Haptic Touch. In the first beta, searching for this name took you to the old Haptic Touch settings section, but it has now been renamed to display both.

This option under Accessibility, Haptic Touch also updates the available options. Earlier in this section, you could choose whether haptic touch should respond quickly or slowly to your touch.

There is now a 3D Touch option in the same section with a slider to select the amount of pressure required to activate this feature. The touch duration setting has also been slightly changed, and now has a Default option, as well as Fast and Slow.

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