Apple puts Apple Silicon executive in charge of Apple Watch blood glucose monitoring project

Apple is doubling down on its ambitious project to bring non-invasive blood sugar monitoring to the Apple Watch. The company has put one of its most important chip executives in charge of the project, according to a new report from Bloomberg. This move demonstrates Apple's continued commitment to this project.

Apple's efforts to bring glucose monitoring capabilities to the Apple Watch are being led by the company's Exploratory Design Group. The project was led by technical lead Bill Athas until 2022, when he died unexpectedly.

Today's report explains that the team was being monitored “on an ad hoc basis.” former deputies of Atas for several months after his death. These people reported directly to Johnny Srugi, Apple's senior vice president of hardware technology.

Now Apple has tapped Tim Millett to oversee the team working on Apple's non-invasive blood sugar monitoring technology. Millet worked at Apple for 19 years and was “one of Sruja's two best assistants for ten years.”

Mille, along with the rest of Srouji's team, has been an important component of Apple's transition from Intel processors to Apple Silicon chips over the past several years. In addition to currently leading the work on the new Apple Watch health feature, Millet also “leads several teams developing next-generation processors and other computer components.”

Today's report explains:

The team working on the glucose tracker is located in Apple's semiconductor division because the system relies on on an advanced chip-based system. It uses a series of sensors that shine lasers into the skin and detect how much glucose is present in a person's body. When combined with artificial intelligence algorithms, the chip can then determine a person's blood sugar level.

Apple's work on non-invasive blood sugar monitoring began in 2011 and is seen as a &#8220 ;style project moonshot” with an idea that originated in the era of Steve Jobs. In February, it was reported that Apple had reached several “major milestones”; in his work on this technology.

The company's ultimate goal is to bring this functionality to the Apple Watch, although this is still a long way from becoming a reality.

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