Apple Pencil vs Apple Pencil vs Apple Pencil: What's the deal?

Apple today introduced a brand new Apple Pencil. It features USB-C and the premium Apple Pencil 2 feature set, but it comes with some limitations to keep the price $50 lower than the high-end model. Read how the Apple Pencil USB-C and Apple Pencil 2 vs. 1 compare.

Although the company says the new Apple Pencil USB-C has arrived, to offer “greater value and choice for the lineup”, this will no doubt cause confusion among many.

This is because the Apple Pencil USB-C does not replace the Apple Pencil 1, but actually sits in between 1 and 2 as a mid-range option.

When you add in the differences between the compatibility and features of each model, it takes some effort to understand what's going on. But below we will solve this problem with the help of a couple of diagrams 😁.

Apple Pencil USB-C vs Apple Pencil 2 vs 1

Feature comparison

With the Apple Pencil USB-C, you have features like tilt sensitivity, magnetic mounting, and even pointing your Apple Pencil with the new iPad Pro models.

However, the Apple Pencil USB-C does not support pressure sensitivity or Double tap support to change tools.

As shown above, you need to remove the end cap to charge and pair using a cable (not included) – no magnetic/wireless charging and pairing like the Apple Pencil 2.

Here is the full description:

Apple Pencil 2 Apple Pencil USB-C Apple Pencil 1
Low latency
Tilt sensitivity
Pressure sensitivity
Precise writing and drawing
Magnetic mount
Wireless pairing and charging
Apple Pencil hover support
Changes to the double tap tool
Free engraving

The Apple Pencil USB-C's lack of pressure sensitivity is a bummer, but Apple is no doubt using it as an incentive for customers to upgrade to the Apple Pencil 2.


Apple Pencil USB-C works with all iPads with this port, but not all iPads work with Apple Pencil 2 or 1:

Apple Pencil 2 Apple Pencil USB-C Apple Pencil 1
iPad Models Works with iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad Pro Works with all iPad models with a USB-C port Works with iPad 10 and 9 (USB-C to Apple Pencil adapter required to pair and charge iPad 10 – included)


Apple Pencil USB-C is the most affordable option at US$79 ($69). for education). Although Apple introduced a new stylus today, it won't be available until “early November”

Apple Pencil 2 Apple Pencil USB-C Apple Pencil 1
$ $129 $79 $99

Review of Apple Pencil USB-C and Apple Pencil 2

If you & You have an iPad with USB-C C, and you don't need all the features of the flagship Apple Pencil 2, the new Apple Pencil USB-C is a more affordable and capable stylus.

It would also be a good option for schools that want to use Apple's official stylus without spending $100 or more per student (assuming they have an iPad with USB-C).

What will you do? think? Is the Apple Pencil USB-C the new reliable model, or would you rather use the Apple Pencil 2 or a third-party option? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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