Apple Pencil 3 Leak Claims Replaceable Magnetic Tips Coming Soon

Apple Pencil Tip

The third generation Apple Pencil may feature interchangeable tips, the source claims, using different magnetic tips. for a variety of purposes.

The first and second generations of Apple Pencil use a tip that can be replaced as it wears out. There is also a small market for third-party replacement stylus tips that can also customize how the Apple Pencil works on the iPad display.

According to a Saturday tweet from serial leaker Majin Boo on the X, the next version of Apple's stylus could offer consumers a similar ability to customize how the Apple Pencil works. In a tweet, Boo's source claims that the Apple Pencil 3 will come with “replaceable magnetic tips.”

The changes to the tip are said to improve the Apple Pencil's performance “for drawing, technical drawing and drawing.” As an example of how this could be implemented, Boo offers images of three different tip sizes and thicknesses, although this may include different materials used to make the tip.

Thanks to the use of magnets, the attachments will be easier to switch compared to existing versions that use a friction fit.

The plausibility of this leak is somewhat supported by Apple's previous patents and filings on the subject, including one in which the stylus functions could change to match the stylus. This could mean that the pen could have sensors built into it for various functions, such as measuring the color of the substance it touches.

Although there have been relatively few leaks about the third-generation Apple Pencil, it's been quite some time since Apple last updated its stylus. The original was released in November 2015, and the second generation model was released in November 2018, three years later.

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