Apple named the best podcasts of 2022

Top podcasts of 2022


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With the announcement of the App Store Awards and the release of Apple Music Replays to customers, Apple has unveiled the best podcasts of 2022.

On the Browse tab in the Podcasts app, Apple has shared various charts that show the most popular shows that the company's editors and users enjoy.

Top Charts in Apple Podcasts

Apple has nine podcast categories for free and paid shows.

  • Most Popular Shows
  • Most Popular Episodes
  • Best Channels
  • Best New Shows
  • Best Shows Shows not in English
  • Best General Shows
  • Best Shows
  • Best Subscriber Channels
  • Best Subscriber Shows

“Slow Burn: Roe vs. Wade” is the main show of 2022. Created and hosted by Slate Executive Editor Susan Matthews, it chronicles the fundamental cultural shifts that took place in the 1970s.

Some of the shows Apple has loved include Love and Noraebang, The Run-Through with Vogue, and Bone Valley. On the chart of the most popular shows, “Crime Junkie”, “SmartLess”, “The Daily” and others were in the first places.

People love crime shows

Apple introduced the App Store Awards across its other channels on November 29th. Apple has singled out sixteen titles for their excellence and cultural impact.

BeReal is the best iPhone app of the year, and GoodNotes 5 is in the iPad category. Other apps and games also received awards.

Apple Music listeners can find their Replay playlist in the app for a personalized choice. It is unique for each person and shows their most popular songs of the year.

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