Apple Music Replay is updated for 2022 with an animated highlight reel of your favorite songs and artists.

In 2022, Apple has redesigned Apple Music Replay. While still only available in a web browser, the Playback section now has a dynamic, story-like design that includes highlights based on your listening history. See yours at

This is a big upgrade from Apple Music Replay from previous years, bringing it closer to the dynamic, interactive nature of Spotify Wrapped. However, in the native Apple Music app, you can still only view the basic playlist of the most popular songs.

However , a new experience designed to be viewed from mobile devices. It resembles a Snapchat or Instagram Stories style user interface with multiple pages of data. Each page has cute animations and transitions with matching music playing in the background. Tap to scroll through the pages.

The Highlights feed shows the most popular music, favorite artist genres, and total listening time. After the Highlights video, scroll down to see featured sections with even more details on your top artists, albums, and playlists.

You can expect Apple to link to the web page in the app's Listen Now and Browse tabs in the coming days.

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