Apple Music Replay 2023: How to Find Your Best Songs, Albums and Artists

As the end of 2023 approaches, it's time to start checking Apple Music Replay data. Apple's “Best Songs of the Year” playlist is available on Apple Music every year. You can also find more information, such as your top albums and artists, on the Apple Music Replay 2023 website</p>

Learn more about Apple Music Replay 2023

Year-round availability is the most important difference between Apple Music Replay and Spotify Wrapped. Implemented by Apple allows you to track your top songs all year long. On the other hand, Spotify Wrapped is only available starting in December, so your results will be a complete surprise.

You can access the Apple Music Replay playlist for 2023 via Music app on your iPhone. The playlist is located in the Listen Now tab at the very bottom. You can also find Apple Music Replay playlists from other years, going back to 2015, here if you are an OG subscriber to Apple Music.

The Apple Music Replay website also provides additional information about your top artists, top albums, and total listening time. You can keep up with this information by visiting the dedicated Apple Music Replay website.

Only the best songs of the year will be shown in the Apple Music app playlist. Again, you'll have to go to the Apple Music Replay website to view information like your top artists, top albums, and listening times. All this data is updated every week on Sundays until the end of the year.

What about Spotify Wrapped?

If you are a Spotify subscriber, there is currently no way to view the Spotify Wrapped report for the year. Spotify typically releases these totals sometime in the first week of December. We'll be sure to update our information once Spotify Wrapped 2023 becomes available.

In the meantime, what's at the top of your Apple Music Replay rankings for the year? Let us know in the comments below.

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