Apple Music Replay 2022 updated with “Highlight Reel”

Hartley Charlton

Apple today unveiled an updated version of Apple Music Replay 2022, showcasing the new Highlight Roller feature.

The redesigned experience that ‌Apple Music‌ followers on Twitter earlier today, puts the new main reel feature at the forefront of the replay webpage, which users are encouraged to interact with before diving into more details.

Highlights is a series of social media-style animated cards that showcase the best music moments from last year based on your listening history. For each map, the corresponding music plays in the background. The Highlights reel is viewable on desktop browsers, but appears to be primarily designed for mobile displays.

After the Highlights reel, users can scroll down to see featured sections with more information a breakdown of their best albums and playlists. since last year. Users can add their ‌Apple Music‌ Play the 2022 playlist in the Music app at the bottom of the page.

This step brings Spotify Wrapped a bit closer, but ‌Apple Music‌ Playback is still only available in a web browser. The Music app itself can only display and play a basic playlist of your year's best songs, ranked by number of plays, if added via the Playback webpage.

To view your 2022 ‌ Apple Music&zwnj ; Replay and try out the new highlight video, visit

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