Apple Music Online Beta Adds Popular Live Lyrics Feature

Apple is beta rolling out some changes to the Apple Music web app. For the first time, Apple Music on the web now supports the popular lyric sync feature, which first launched on iPhone and iPad in 2019 and later on Mac in 2020. Now you can use this feature from anywhere, right on the web. browser…

With this change in Apple Music on the web, you can now use song lyrics from your web browser on any computer. For now, this feature is only available in the beta version of the Apple Music web app, which you can access right here. Apple is testing new features on the beta version of the Apple Music website before rolling them out widely to everyone.

This time-synced live lyrics feature is incredibly popular with Apple Music and is a key differentiator between Apple Music and Spotify for many users. This feature allows you to follow the song in real time.

Eddie Cue, Apple's chief executive, advertised that Apple inputs almost all of the lyrics for the live lyrics feature itself, rather than getting them from third parties. Apple says that if you notice incorrect lyrics, you can submit feedback to Apple Music.

When a song is playing on Apple Music, just look for the little tooltip icon in the top left toolbar, next to your profile picture. Once you activate this feature, you will also be able to go full screen, providing live lyrics next to the track's large album art and playback controls.

The Apple Music web interface is actually quite powerful and includes a range of features offered by the dedicated Apple Music app on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. In fact, some users prefer it over the dedicated Apple Music app for Mac because it lacks many of the useless iTunes features that still exist on macOS.

Users can access the beta version of the website Apple Music at and the regular Apple Music website is available at

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