Apple Music adds new real-time artist listening analytics

Apple Music for Artists has been updated to include a new Listening Now feature; feature that provides real-time data for listening analysis. The feature launched today through Apple Music for Artists on iPhone and on the service's website.

Apple Music for Artists is Apple's platform for artists who want to track analytics, release new music, and connect with fans through Apple Music. . Now Listening is the latest new feature that Apple says allows artists to “see listener counts in real time, allowing you to respond immediately and adjust your release strategy.”

The company explains:

Get real-time data on how many fans are currently streaming your music on Apple Music. Our Listening Now widget tells you how many listeners have initiated play on one of your songs at any given time.

Select the widget to get a detailed look at your Listening Now trends over the past 48 hours. Max Listeners shows the maximum number of listeners you had at any point in the last 48-hour period, and Average Listeners shows the average number of listeners over the last 48-hour period. Get a snapshot of the six most popular songs in the Top Songs Now section.

For privacy reasons, there is a minimum listener threshold to display the Listening Now analytics. You may notice gaps in the data reporting period if this threshold has not been reached.

In addition to the new “Currently Listening” option,” on the Apple Music for Artists website, the service's iPhone app has also been updated to support this data, as first spotted by @aaronp613 on Twitter.

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