Apple Music 4.5 for Android gets new iOS 17-style widgets and more

Apple Music's big update, currently in beta, also adds new Android home screen widgets from iOS 17. as well as other features of the latest version of iPhone and iPad.

Now Playing feature” widget formerly known as “Apple Music Player”,” basically unchanged. However, “Recently Played” switches from the cover grid to a list that includes name and artist.

Meanwhile, two new widgets arrived in iOS 17 today:

  • Recommendations: Listen to the best tracks, new releases, and more from Apple Music.
  • Top Charts: Play top charts based on the location or city of your choice.

These two items on the home screen could use either Apple Music's red accent or essentially a dynamic color. In the Widget Customizer, Apple references this by using “your device's wallpaper will be used to set the color theme for Apple Music widgets.” Support for this has been a long time coming, and somewhat matches how long it took for the app to support the Android 13 media player.

Dynamic color applies to everything and doesn't work on a per-widget basis. This setting also appears for Now Playing and Recently Played, but these widgets currently use a blurred album art as the background.

All four widgets are available today, but keep in mind that this is beta -version, and there are some bugs.

Meanwhile, Apple Music 4.5 for Android will reportedly support three features from iOS 17 and future releases:

  • SharePlay in the Car: Everyone can play and control music, even from the back seat.
  • Recommended songs in playlists: Quickly add songs from a list curated specifically for your playlist. .
  • More to favorites: favorite songs, albums and playlists, and they will appear in your library.

More about Apple Music:

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  • Apple Music 4.0 for Android is now in beta with iOS 16 features and a mention of Apple Classical.
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