Apple moved $7 billion iPhone production to India and plans to reach $40 billion within five years

Apple has now moved $7 billion worth of iPhone production from China to India, according to an unnamed government official cited in the new report.

The same official says Apple plans to reach $40 billion over the next five years as the company accelerates plans to reduce its dependence on China …


Apple's need to reduce its The dependence on China as a manufacturing hub has been clear for years, but the impact of the pandemic on the world's largest iPhone assembly plant has really highlighted the problem. COVID-19-related disruptions are estimated to cost the company $1 billion a week.

India is seen as Apple's best hope when it comes to moving production outside of China. A report last year suggested that India could make a quarter of all iPhones by 2025, and a more recent report suggested that number could rise to half of all iPhones by 2027.

Earlier this year, we learned that Foxconn, Apple's main iPhone assembler, has begun building two new iPhone factories in India, and that new government incentives mean iPad production is also expected to begin there soon.

$7 billion iPhone production in India

BQ Prime (formerly Bloomberg Quint) reports .

iPhone maker Apple plans to increase production in India by more than five times to about $40 billion, or about Rs 3.32 crore, in the coming months, government sources said. four to five years. According to the official, who requested anonymity, the company surpassed the $7 billion mark in the last fiscal year.

Apple surpassed the $7 billion mark in the same fiscal year.

Total iPhone production was $191 billion, so India's share of the total production is currently a very small share. However, there have been consistent reports that the Cupertino company is seeking to dramatically increase iPhone production in India as tensions with China remain high.

These latest figures are still significantly lower than previous estimates.

Big changes this year

Last year, Apple began production of the iPhone 14 in India after several weeks after launch, and managed to simultaneously start production of the iPhone 15 this year.

For the first time, Apple will sell new iPhone models made in India on launch day ( via Bloomberg). This means that the iPhone 15 you will buy on September 22 could have been made in India. This is a sign that Apple's global supply chain infrastructure is taking significant steps to expand beyond China.

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