Apple is set to release a podcast series, The Pirate of Prague, detailing the life of a famous financial fugitive.

Image credit: Apple

Apple is preparing to release another original Apple podcast, “The Pirate of Prague.” limited series telling the story of fugitive financier Victor Kozena.

Victor Kozeny is a notorious figure who carried out a major scam in the post-communist era. He lives in the Bahamas and is evading prosecution, highlighting the difficulties in prosecuting financial crimes abroad. He is wanted by both the Czech Republic and the United States.

“This is a story about private jets, $20,000 dinners, and suitcases stuffed with cash. It is also a story about the collapse of communism, the ensuing freedom for all, and the birth of the oligarchs,” reads the Apple Podcasts page. “And it's a story about good old-fashioned human greed… about how far the rich will go to get even richer.”

Deadline has learned that Joe Nocera will host the eight-episode series with the help of investigative journalist Peter Elkinda: The Pirates of Prague is produced by Blanchard House and falls under the podcast umbrella of Apple TV+.

The series will premiere exclusively on Apple Podcasts on November 13. A three-minute trailer is currently available for those interested.

It was recently reported that while Apple has traditionally refrained from selling advertising on its podcasts, recent events suggest that the company may be considering changing its approach.

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