Apple is in the running to buy the canceled film Coyote Vs. Acme movie from Warner Bros.

Apple may purchase “Coyote Vs. Acme” for its streaming platform

Warner Bros. has reconsidered its decision not to show the animated film Coyote vs. Superior due to significant backlash and is preparing screenings for possible acquisition by Apple or other streamers.

The move comes after the film, originally intended for theatrical release, was unexpectedly cancelled, causing major controversy in Hollywood. The main surprise of the cancellation was that Coyote vs. Supreme is a completed film, unlike other recently canceled Warner Bros projects like Batgirl and Scoob Holiday, which were still in production.

According to a report from Deadline, Amazon Prime is the leading contender to acquire the film. Part of this is due to Courtney Valenti, who currently works at Amazon Studios and MGM, who previously promoted the film during her time at Warner Bros.

The film's potential move to Amazon is further bolstered by the studio's ongoing collaboration with the film's star John Cena on future films such as Heads of State. Ricky Stanicki” and “Big Death Lotto”.

Warner Bros. refusal from the film “Coyote vs. Supreme” caused a negative reaction from the film community with accusations against Warner Bros. executives. Michael DeLuca, Pam Abdy and Bill Damaschke. Some rumors claim that these executives were unfairly blamed for the incident, citing protection of Looney Toons' intellectual property and the removal of content created under the studio's former leadership.

However, the report states that De Luca and Abdi have not stopped working on films or completed films initiated by the previous administration throughout their careers.

Ultimately, it can all come down to money. Facing financial pressure, the studio is rethinking its approach to distributing content, favoring streaming platforms over traditional theatrical releases. This could be part of a broader strategy to adapt to changing market dynamics and manage financial risks more effectively.

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