Apple is announcing new iOS 17 features coming later this year: Apple Music updates, contactless sign-in with Apple ID, and more.

iOS 17 will be released on September 18 after three months of beta testing. We already knew that some iOS 17 features wouldn't arrive until later this year, but now Apple has published a more detailed analysis. According to Apple, iOS 17 will come with a number of new features later this year in the form of a separate software update.

New iOS 17 features coming later this year

When iOS 17 was announced at WWDC in June, Apple highlighted three features that won't be available until this year:

  • Journal app:This all-new iPhone app lets you write about your experiences, find insightful information, and also lets you record sentences and writing prompts to help you get started.
  • Collaborate on Apple Music playlists: Invite friends can join your playlist, and everyone can add, change the order and delete songs. In the Now Playing section, you can use emojis to react to song selections. Playlist of your favorite songs
  • AirDrop via the Internet: AirDrop transfers will continue over the Internet even if you go out of range.

In the new version of the PDF Breakdown published on the iOS 17 Preview website this week, Apple has more details what else is coming to iOS 17 this year. This list includes some of the features announced at WWDC, as well as some previously unannounced features that are apparently included in this year's iOS 17 roadmap:

  • Stickers in Messages:The new Stickers experience gives you one home for all your stickers. Later this year, you'll also be able to access all of this via the Tapback menu.
  • Up Arrow in Messages:Easily jump to the first unread message in a message. group conversation by tapping the arrow visible in the top right corner.
  • ICloud Messages improvements. Turning on Messages in iCloud will sync Messages settings such as Text Message Forwarding, Send & Send; Get accounts and filter SMS across devices.
  • Apple News widget: Play or pause a podcast or News+ audio story.
  • Favorite Apple Music songs playlist:Quickly return to your favorite songs with this new playlist. Find the Favorite playlist in your library or just ask Siri.
  • Even more favorites on Apple Music:Choose your favorite songs, albums, playlists and artists. Your favorite music is automatically added to your library for better recommendations.
  • Intelligent form detection in PDF files: Documents and forms you fill out can now be automatically identified throughout the system, e.g. in files. , mail, or scanned documents.
  • Advanced AutoFill Fill out information like names and addresses in forms even faster as powerful on-device language models detect fields to fill and include autocomplete.
  • Focus on audio in Fitness+:Prioritize the volume of music or trainers' voices to hear more of what matters most to you.
  • Contactless Sign in with your Apple IDSigning in to set up your device is now easier than ever. Simply hold up an existing iPhone or iPad that's already signed in and trusted, pair the devices by scanning the particle cloud, and you'll be signed in automatically.

I'm intrigued by the number of these features, including improvements to Apple Music and a new “contactless login with Apple ID” feature. As 9to5Mac reported last month, Apple has already stepped up internal testing of iOS 17.1. It's unlikely that all of these new features will be included in iOS 17.1, but iOS 17.2 and beyond are also in development.

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