Apple is allegedly working on two new iPad Air models

By Julie Clover

According to a report from 9to5Mac, Apple is working on two new versions of the iPad Air 6. The site claims that Apple is developing four separate models (two each with cellular and Wi-Fi support), although it is unclear what the distinctive one will be factor if there really are two separate ‌iPad Air‌ new models will appear.

Apple is releasing two versions of the iPad Pro because they come in two sizes. , and 9to5Mac suggests that Apple may release a larger version of the ‌iPad Air‌ settle for the current 10.9-inch version or introduce a “more expensive model with better specifications.”

Given that the iPad line already has two sizes of ‌iPad Pro‌, this is a budget option. cost ‌iPad‌ and iPad mini, ‌iPad Air‌ larger or higher class; may not make much sense. 9to5Mac warns that Apple's plans may change and that the second ‌iPad Air‌ model may not appear.

Previous rumors suggested that Apple was working on an ‌iPad mini‌ seventh generation. and inexpensive ‌iPad‌ 11th generation, while none of the tablets will undergo major changes. 9to5Mac reports that its sources believe the ‌iPad mini‌ 7 is coming “soon,” but the report also says all new iPads will be announced “between now and WWDC 2024 in June,” which is a wide window.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in September that Apple was unlikely to introduce new iPads in 2023 and that the ‌iPad mini‌ and ‌iPad Air‌ models will appear in 2024. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman also said in September that Apple was working on a new ‌iPad Air‌ and that it could arrive “soon,” so it's unclear whether we'll see an ‌iPad‌ until the end of the year.

Apple has not updated the ‌iPad Air‌ since March 2022, that is, more than a year has passed since the last update. The current model is equipped with the M1 chip, and Apple may wait until the M3 chip debuts for an update, so the ‌iPad Air‌ The launch time may be tied to the M3 launch time.

As for the ‌iPad mini‌, it has not been updated since September 2021, although Apple does not update it regularly.

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