Apple in 2023: AR, VR, HomePod, Mac Pro, AirPods Max

New HomePod and XR Headset may be among new products released Apple in 2023.


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As exciting as 2022 has been for new Apple products, 2023 could overshadow it with brand new and updated products. Here's what rumors have in store for the coming year.

Based on another global pandemic, Apple will release a new iPhone around September 2023. But we're not talking about that here.

And like almost every year, in 2023 Apple will introduce a new mainstream Mac, a new Apple Watch, and likely an update to at least one of the iPad models. As exciting and evolving as these new models are, they will still be familiar in many ways.

Based on increasing rumors and information coming out of the supply chain, it seems that Apple has at least a few more exciting products in the pipeline in 2023.

In 2023, there may be a completely new virtual reality headset with augmented reality components. The most powerful Mac in the company's history will likely be released, and the resurrected audio product could be brought back from the dead.

All this and much more may appear in the near future. Here's what we expect to see based on the rumors.

Virtual/Augmented Reality Headset

which has been rumored for a long time. Whether the hardware debuts early in the year or hangs above all other announcements, it will color every Apple announcement in 2023 in one form or another until it is finally showcased.

Rumored to be a visualization of the headset.

It will appear sometime in 2023 — almost certainly. But because it's a brand new device, the company has the most flexibility on when it wants to show it off to the general public.

Basically, there is too much smoke in the sky for this product to ever land.

Why is this interesting? Eight years after the Apple Watch went on sale, Apple is on the cusp of releasing an entirely new type of device in an entirely new category. This is a new product that can literally change the way we see the world around us.

Meta Quest 2 has been the most popular VR headset so far, and for many people it has been a compelling introduction to VR. But by all accounts, Apple's headset hardware is expected to far surpass the Quest 2 to offer a more immersive experience.

We would like to imagine that many Apple technologies and services, such as SharePlay, Fitness Plus and Memoji, among many other things, will appear and change our daily tasks.

It also looks like Apple is getting closer to using xrOS as the official name for the new mixed reality operating system. This should confirm that the software will go beyond virtual reality and will also include an augmented reality experience.

Mac Pro

Due to developer lock-in, it's likely we'll see a new Mac Pro at WWDC in June. If not at the annual conference, then we might see it happen sooner as the year approaches since Apple teased (and confirmed) the existence of a new Mac Pro at its Spring 2022 event.

< strong>Why is this interesting?A: A future high-end desktop Mac Pro with Apple Silicon inside will be hard to turn away or ignore for any tech enthusiast, even if most people don't need or won't buy one.

Mac Pro with an Intel processor

The new Mac Pro will be incredibly powerful. The powerful Mac Studio can already be equipped with an M1 Ultra processor with 20-core CPU and 64-core GPU, as well as 128GB of RAM.

Thus, the new Mac Pro can double the performance of the processor if it uses an UltraFusion interconnect with two Ultra chips.

There should also be plenty of design options worth highlighting to the casual observer. To finally see what “modularity” means in the Apple Silicon era and get an idea of ​​future Macs in terms of the shape and size of the Pro case.

And, most importantly, take a look at whether the new Mac Pro will get wheels or not.

New HomePod

March 2023 will mark two years since Apple discontinued the original HomePod. Almost immediately after he was killed, there were rumors that Apple was working on an updated model.

These rumors have persisted and suggest that a new HomePod in some form or another could arrive in early 2023. After all, the HomePod mini could also be upgraded.

Why is this interesting? There is nothing more exciting than the resurrection story of — especially for a decent product.

The original HomePod had its flaws, but it was a good speaker. So much so that when Apple announced its closure, the secondary market for the device grew rather than contracted.

People who have used the speaker really liked it.

HomePod in black and white

The new HomePod can be transformed to include a screen for apps or widgets. It can team up with Apple TV to become a soundbar.

The two-year hiatus suggests significant changes. But even if it's just redesigned to lower component costs, it could be a win for people who want powerful sound without the massive speakers taking up space in their home.

New AirPods Max

AirPods Max is one of the few products that doesn't have too many rumors associated with it. The biggest indicator that an update is imminent is that low-cost products in the AirPods line have outperformed high-end headphones on some technical specs.

AirPods Max Digital Crown

Why are they so interesting?: The first AirPods Max are largely correct, so an update is likely won't add too much. But a slight reduction in weight can make full-size headphones even more comfortable.

New ear cushion options could make them suitable for more applications. Switching from a Lightning port to a USB-C port for charging will make the headphones more practical in everyday use.

From a technology standpoint, if there is a connection between AirPods and an upcoming augmented reality headset, then updated Max headphone hardware may be required to reduce latency between the two products.

But most of all it's rumors and rumors

The Mac Pro is coming soon. Apple has already announced this, although it did not say when.

The rest is whispers and discussions coming from Apple's supply chain and the creative, aspirational minds of rumormongers. We do not publish all — there are many things that do not correspond to the context of what is happening or are simply invented.

All the rumors associated with the above products make sense. And with all of them, there was enough smoke to suggest something was going on.

Maybe the fire will start in 2023.

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