Apple has finally announced a new iPad… in China

After conflicting reports about whether Apple is going to release new iPads, a new Apple Pencil, or both, It seems that things have been settled with yesterday's announcement of the Apple Pencil (USB-C).

However, it turns out that there was a new iPad – but only in China …

Besides being limited to one country, it was also only a fairly minor variation on the existing model.

B on in fact, it was so uninteresting that Apple didn't even bother to include it in the headline of the Chinese press release. This echoed other versions of the press release around the world, simply announcing the new Pencil.

But inside it was a mention of an iPad 10 update:

The updated iPad (10th generation) with Wi-Fi + Cellular supports eSIM for the first time in mainland China. Reservations will be accepted from October 19th and will be officially released on October 25th. The updated iPad (10th generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular will support the eSIM cellular data scheme in mainland China, delivering a fast, smooth and secure cellular data connection. without a physical SIM card […]

iPad (10th generation) supports 5G, giving users more ways to connect. It can seamlessly access files, connect with family and friends, and access streaming media content anytime, anywhere without a wireless LAN. The upgraded iPad (10th generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular model supports eSIM, and users can select the China Unicom 1 cellular plan directly on the iPad. Users can also continue to use a physical SIM card activated by the carrier.

The US version, of course, already includes an eSIM, so it's essentially just an upgrade of the Chinese model to the same specifications.

None of the preliminary reports came true. It turns out there was a new (almost) iPad, but without new chips and only in one country. There was a new pencil, but no replacement magnetic tips.

As for the pencil, as one Twitter user put it, I sure as hell wouldn't want to be the salesperson at an Apple Store trying to explain the choice to an iPad owner & #8230;

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