Apple has a next-generation search engine called Pegasus, but don't expect a Google Search competitor just yet.

Will Apple ever compete with Google to create a search engine for the Internet? Never say never, but Google pays Apple $15 billion a year so it doesn't think too much about it. The government hopes it can break this. If Apple's incentives had ever been different, would Apple have had the tools to stand up to Google?

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Bloomberg's Mark Gurman took an in-depth look at Apple's search capabilities in his Power On newsletter this week.

According to Gurman's report, former Google executive and current Apple AI chief John Giannandrea oversees a “giant search team”; at Apple. In recent years, this team has created a “next generation search engine”; codenamed “Pegasus”; which Apple uses today in some of its applications.

John Giannandrea, a former Google executive who now oversees machine learning and artificial intelligence at Apple, has a huge search engine . team under his leadership. Over the past few years, his team has developed a next-generation search engine for Apple apps, codenamed Pegasus.

Apple will soon trust Pegasus to power search in one of Apple's apps&# 8217's biggest revenue source: App Store . It may not be as colossal as indexing the entire web for search results, but Apple takes its App Store revenue seriously.

And, as Gurman points out, Apple does index the web for search results. that Siri and Spotlight may be required instantly by users. His point of view? Apple may not have its own Google Search competitor today, but the company certainly has the necessary components and experience in Apple Park to get there if necessary.

For now, however, Apple is happy with the billions of dollars Google is paying to keep Google Search as the default search engine in Safari.

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