Apple expands emergency SOS via satellite to UK, France, Germany and Ireland

By Tim Hardwick

Apple today announced the expansion of Emergency SOS via satellite and Find My via satellite to the UK, France, Germany and Ireland.

iPhone 14 users can now connect to emergency services when cellular Communications and Wi-Fi are unavailable, and calls from the Emergency Call – SOS via Satellite will be redirected to local emergency services.

Apple's Emergency Call – SOS via Satellite is available for all ‌iPhone 14&zwnj ; users running iOS 16.1 in supported countries and free for two years. It is designed to allow iPhone users to make emergency calls using a satellite connection outside when there is no cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

Apple says that with the release of iOS 16.2 expected later today, users who call a local number, the emergency number will be automatically forwarded to 112, the European emergency phone number, if the call fails due to unavailability of cellular or Wi-Fi connection, allowing them to use Emergency SOS via satellite, even if they don't dial 112.

“Satellite SOS makes satellite emergency communications more accessible, which is great,” said Gary Machado, CEO of the European Emergency Numbers Association. “In practice, this means that many more people will be able to call 112 when they have no mobile connection and need urgent help. We are confident that this will save many lives and will greatly assist the emergency services involved in these often very difficult rescue operations.”

“Ability to use a satellite connection to reach 999 or 112 if there is no cellular connection . or Wi-Fi coverage is a breakthrough that Apple has introduced to the general public with the iPhone 14,” said John Anthony, President of the British Association of Public Safety Officers. “This feature will mean that emergency services can be alerted when it was previously not possible and can then do their job more efficiently, thanks in part to initial information that can be shared with controllers, such as location and basic information about emergency. Ultimately, it will help save lives.”

Satellite SOS emergency service launched in the US and Canada last month, and at the time, Apple said it would expand to France. Germany, Ireland and the UK in December. More countries will be supported next year, according to Apple.

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Satellite connection can also be used to update the location ‌‌Find My‌‌ without Wi-Fi or cellular via ‌‌Find My‌‌.

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