Apple employee Phil Schiller quits Twitter

Phil Schiller [Apple]


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Apple employee Phil Schiller deactivated his Twitter account, closing it on Sunday for unknown reasons.

Updated Sunday: Phil Schiller's Twitter account now shows as “defunct” when users view the “pschiller” feed online.

Schiller had a large following on Twitter: around 265,800 followers and just over 240 accounts. He was also a blue tick carrier before the changes made it available in the subscription.

When the account was active, Schiller used it to promote various Apple products and services, continuing his previous position as Senior Vice President of Global Marketing as well as his current position as an Apple employee.

There is no official explanation as to why Schiller closed the account, but Twitter has gone through a lot of changes in the weeks since Elon Musk took over, which may have been the reason for the decision. Musk's initiatives have included mass layoffs and increasing demands for employees to activate the microblogging service, as well as various changes that have forced many users to consider other services.

Controversially, Musk used a Twitter poll to determine whether to allow former US President Donald Trump to return to the service before lifting the ban on Trump's account.

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