Apple Education Program Promotes Latino Leadership in Houston

Image credit: Apple

Apple's Community Education Initiative is expanding its commitment to inclusive technology education by supporting programs like TechConnect and Houston Community . College summer camp.

In 2019, Apple established the Community Education Initiative (CEI) to advance education. CEI works with a network of more than 150 organizations around the world to provide students of all ages with access to advanced technology skills.

One notable component of this initiative is TechConnect, a program created in 2016 by Houston City Council Member Carla Cisneros. TechConnect is designed to expose students to advanced technology skills, such as programming, who might not otherwise have access to such opportunities. In 2022, TechConnect joined the Apple CEI program to promote coding, creativity, and career opportunities for all students, especially those underrepresented in technology.

Apple TechConnect and similar programs support goes beyond hardware provision. It offers financial aid, scholarships, teacher resources, and access to Apple experts who work collaboratively with organizations to enrich the learning experience.

Beyond TechConnect, Apple's influence extends to Houston Community College (HCC), where faculty run an annual IT summer camp. The camp introduced more than 2,500 middle and high school students to a variety of programming-related subjects, all with the help of Apple technology.

HCC was one of the first US community colleges to offer Apple App Development with Swift in 2017.

Dr. Madeline Burillo-Hopkins, president of HCC Southwestern College, is the driving force behind this initiative. She believes initiatives like HCC's summer camp are important for inspiring young women and minority students to see themselves as potential creators, developers and innovators in the tech industry.

In October 2022, Apple announced that it was implementing a community education initiative in more than 600 communities around the world.

In October and November, Apple will host its annual Entrepreneur Camp, a cutting-edge technology lab for underrepresented founders and developers of mobile app businesses. The program's goal is to promote diversity, inclusion and innovative ideas in the technology industry.

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