Apple Concedes to China and Starts Enforcing App Store Rules

Apple began requiring new apps to be licensed by the Chinese government before they can be added to the App Store.

In August 2023 China announced its new app laws, saying developers must either be based in or collaborate with the country, and there are privacy concerns about where users' personal data is stored, but the law primarily gives the Chinese government complete control over which apps can be sold in his country.

China was previously thought to have introduced the new law specifically to crack down on social media companies including Facebook and Instagram. Such services are already prohibited on the Internet, but they can be accessed through applications.

Apple has resisted changing the law to such an extent that employees have reportedly met with Chinese officials to object to it. Even after that, Apple still held on despite protests from China.

However, according to Reuters, Apple has already begun to comply with the requirements. Starting Friday, September 29, 2023, Apple required developers to provide an Internet Content Provider (ICP) report when submitting new apps.

China gave developers a grace period to comply, but for new apps, it expired in September 2023. Existing applications are valid until March 2024.

Existing applications, of course, include social networks. those. Since China has banned Facebook online, for example, it is unlikely that the country's regulators will license its app.

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