Apple CEO Tim Cook visited victims of the Apple Derby Street accident.

Source: AP Photo/Stephen Senn


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Apple CEO Tim Cook paid a visit to the November 21 car crash victims at the Apple Store in Hingham, Massachusetts and visited survivors in the hospital.

On Friday, Cooke and Deirdre O'Brien visited South Shore Hospital to meet with some of the patients injured in the Apple Derby Street crash. During the visit, Cook spoke to the families and victims of a tragedy in which an SUV crashed through a window glass.

In a statement to Yahoo News, the hospital expressed gratitude that Cook, O'Brien and other Apple employees were able to visit some of the injured patients. Allen Smith, President and CEO of South Shore Health, said, “The genuine concern and kindness shown by Tim and his team during this visit has greatly lifted the spirits of patients and our colleagues.”

Smith also praised the hospital staff who assisted patients, including the ambulance, emergency, trauma and intensive care units, as well as the doctors and nurses who provided care and support.

The hospital wasn't the only place Cook was seen in the area, as he also showed up at the Alba restaurant in Quincy. Owner Leo Keka noted that Cook's visit was “something different, it was something special. Tim came through the door a very happy and stylish man.”

Cook reportedly spent time at the restaurant and showed the same kindness to staff and customers. “He was very kind to our staff, took pictures with many of the regulars when he came out and it was very nice,” Keka said.

In an accident on November 21, 53-year-old Bradley Rein drove his Toyota 4Runner through the windshield at speed, stopping only when it crashed into the back wall of the store. The driver claimed that his foot was stuck on the gas and he was unable to brake in time.

As a result of the accident, one person died, several people were injured, and some were pressed against the wall.

Apple released a statement at the time saying it was “devastated by the shocking events at Apple Derby Street today and the tragic loss of a professional who supported recent construction at the store.”

Raine has since been arrested and held on $100,000 bail in connection with the accident and is due back in court on Dec. 22.

There are barriers in front of the store. It is not known when it will reopen.

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