Apple CEO Tim Cook on using Vision Pro: 'It's an aha moment'

Julie Clover

Apple CEO Tim Cook told The Independent that the upcoming Vision Pro is part of his nightly routine and that it has convinced him that spatial computing is the future. He called the use of Vision Pro an industry-defining “aha” moment.

” There are huge differences in the way people look at it, depending on whether they've read about it or actually tried it,” Cook said. “I'm even more of a believer in how deep spatial computing is. Once you try it, it's an aha moment. and you only get those a few times in your life.”

Although analysts don't expect the Vision Pro headset to sell well in its first year of availability and have expressed skepticism about Apple's ability to cut costs, Cook said remains confident in the headset's future impact.

Cook was in Europe to meet with app developers, and he said Apple is seeing “incredible work so far.” He went on to explain that “[developers] are very are excited about the headset, which is scheduled to release in 2024.

The headset will be focused on gaming, and Apple is strengthening its position. reputation in games with iPhone 15 Pro models. In ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ there is A17 Pro. and Pro Max, which lets you play console-quality games, and Apple is working with developers to bring console games to the device. Cook said Apple takes gaming “very seriously” and that it is “not a hobby” for the company. “We're putting our all into this,” he said.

Cook's full interview, which also includes some details about the apps being built for Vision Pro, can be read on The Independent's website.

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