Apple CEO Tim Cook on Generative AI: 'We're Investing a Lot'

Julie Clover

During today's earnings call covering the fiscal fourth quarter of 2023, Apple executives held a question-and-answer session with analysts and investors. Apple CEO Tim Cook was asked how Apple would be able to monetize generative artificial intelligence, which he of course declined to comment on, but said that Apple is “investing quite a lot” in artificial intelligence and that there will be improvements in products that use generative artificial intelligence. intelligence.

If you scale Look what we did with artificial intelligence and machine learning and how we used them. It's a fundamental technology that's integral to every product we release.

When we released iOS 17, it included features like Personal Voice and Live Voicemail. AI is at the heart of these features. You can take advantage of all the vital functions of the watch and phone such as fall detection, collision detection and ECG on the watch. This would not be possible without AI. We don't call them as such because we've outlined their consumer benefit, but the fundamental technology behind it is artificial intelligence and machine learning.

In terms of generative artificial intelligence, we obviously have over than to work. continues. I won't go into detail because that's not really what we do, but you can rest assured that we are investing. We invest quite a lot. We're going to do this responsibly. Over time, you'll see improvements to products that rely on these technologies.

Cook said Apple plans to be “responsible” as it dives deeper into generative AI technologies and suggested these features will be implemented with time. Current rumors suggest that Apple is planning several major AI updates for 2024, some of which could use generative AI.

Reports indicate that Apple is spending billions on generative AI research and product development.

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