Apple Car will appear sometime before 2030

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The Apple Car is still a long way from becoming a reality, the report says, but the car is expected to arrive relatively closer to 2030.

Apple's efforts in the automotive field have led to a lot of speculation over the years, giving rise to rumors. and assumptions about the release of the car in the coming years. Sunday's report said its implementation is still several years away, but could arrive within the current decade.

In Bloomberg's “Power On” newsletter, Mark Gurman states, “The car is still the way to go.” Specifically, Apple reportedly doesn't intend to “release anything for this project until the end of the decade.”

Gurman's comment follows another statement by Ming-Chi Kuo in late September. The analyst at the time said he had “lost all visibility” of the project and doubted “that the Apple Car could go into mass production in the coming years.”

In March, Kuo said the Apple Car team had been disbanded and that a 2025 launch was in jeopardy.

Sunday's comment was part of a discussion of Apple's fourth-quarter 2023 financial results. To “truly reinvigorate the business,” Apple must create one of its “next big things” for the market, with the Apple Car and mixed reality in the form of the Apple Vision Pro being the likeliest candidates for major financial success.

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