Apple Car project cut and delayed, autonomous driving will not be fully realized

Julie Clover

Apple has scaled back its Apple Car project and the company no longer plans to produce a fully self-driving car, according to Bloomberg.

Apple wanted to create a self-driving car without a steering wheel or pedals, but decided that such a plan not feasible at present. The car will have guided driving functions that work on the highway, but it will not be able to operate completely on its own all the time.

The car will be equipped with a special processor developed by Apple to support artificial intelligence functions. similar to Mac, iPhone and iPad. The chip is equivalent to four high-end Mac chips and is almost ready for production. It will include a dedicated suite of lidar sensors, radar sensors, and cameras that can provide the vehicle with location information, lane data, and orientation relative to people and objects.

Apple will use the cloud for some AI processing, and the company is considering a remote command center that could assist drivers and control vehicles from a distance in emergencies. It can also offer companies its own insurance program. The scaled-down Apple car will feature a steering wheel and pedals like a regular car. This will allow customers to do things like watch movies or multitask while on the go. The car will alert you when it's time to switch to manual control for city streets or in bad weather, and the autonomous driving component may be limited to North America at launch.

‌Apple Car‌ The project has gone through several changes in development scope since Apple started it back in 2014. Apple originally planned to build a full-fledged car, then in 2016, plans for a car were rumored to be shelved and instead, Apple would develop some kind of autonomous driving system for other vehicles.

By 2020, plans for full vehicle with autonomous driving capabilities is back as Apple is testing autonomous driving technology on SUVs in the San Francisco Bay Area, but it looks like all autonomous driving features won't be ready when the first ‌Apple Car‌ starts up.

‌Apple Car‌ the team has also gone through several leadership changes, and now Head of AI and Machine Learning John Giannandrea leads ‌Apple Car‌ project, and Kevin Lynch, known for his work on the Apple Watch, is also overseeing the work on the car.

While rumors suggest the car could arrive as early as 2025, it is now expected to arrive in 2026. the earliest that Apple intends to sell a consumer model for less than $100,000.

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