Apple Announces Winner of First-Ever Apple Podcasts Award

Joe Rossignol

Apple today announced that Slate's Slow Burn storytelling podcast series has won the first ever Apple Podcasts Award for Show of the Year.

Apple says the podcast received an award in recognition of its latest season of Roe v . Wade,” in which Slate executive editor Susan Matthews explored the events leading up to the landmark Supreme Court ruling in 1973. The four-part miniseries was released during June and won an award for “outstanding quality, innovation and impact”. /p>

The new award is made from 100% recycled aluminium. It features the Apple Podcasts app icon on the front and the winner's name on the back. This is very similar to the App Store Award which has been awarded since 2020. Apple says the award represents the company's “longstanding commitment to supporting creators who share their opinions with the world and helping listeners find the best podcasts.” /p>

“Apple podcasts are a place where users learn about new shows, enjoy your favorites, discover premium listening experiences, and support the creators who make it possible,” said Oliver Schusser, Apple vice president of Apple Music and Beats. stay informed, entertained and inspired, and we're thrilled to honor the Slate team with this recognition.”

Starting today, users can explore six new episodes of “Slow Burn Extras” available for free exclusively on Apple Podcasts.

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