Apple announces the next Swift Student Challenge with a new Outstanding Winner category and more

Apple today announced that it will open the next round of the Swift Student Challenge in February 2024. Next year’ The competition will include a new category that will recognize 50 outstanding winners, who Apple says will be named for their outstanding work and invited to visit Apple Park.

In today's press release, Susan Prescott, Apple's Vice President of Global Developer Relations, Education & Corporate Marketing spoke about the company's commitment to education and programming:

“At Apple, we believe that anyone can learn to code. and create apps, and we're proud to support and celebrate aspiring student developers every year through the Swift Student Challenge.

We know that students are eager to learn coding skills to solve problems they care about—whether it's creating an app to help peers identify mental health resources or supporting sustainability efforts on campus—and want to know where to start. Apple is releasing new coding resources for students and educators, working with our community partners on dedicated programming in Swift, and announcing early dates for the 2024 Swift Student Challenge. We can't wait to see the playgrounds for the apps students will submit next year.& #8221;

Apple also cites an independent survey by YPulse, which found that 94% of students believe coding is an important skill for the future job market, but 48% don't know where to start. With these results, Apple is supporting the Swift Student Challenge and is also expanding the accessibility of its Anyone Can Code projects.

In fact, in addition to today's announcements, Apple is also releasing four new Anyone Can Code projects that “provide step-by-step resources to help students develop the skills they need to create apps that solve problems they care about.”

Today’s Four new “Everyone Can Code” projects include:

  • Develop a Simple App: Students can prototype an app in Keynote to learn the basics of app design, practice rapid prototyping, and gather feedback following the same instructions as professional developers.
  • Create with Stacks and Shapes: Students can take the first steps to creating an app in Swift Playgrounds and create a self-portrait or piece of art using SwiftUI to learn the basics of user interface design.
  • Create own figures. Students can take their app interface to the next level by designing a shape, learning to display coordinates, and coding their own shape using SwiftUI and the About Me sample app in Swift Playgrounds.
  • Create an app icon: Students can learn and apply app design principles to create a unique and memorable app icon that communicates an idea; practice rapid prototyping; collect feedback; and upload an icon to Swift Playgrounds to become part of the app.

New Everyone Can Code projects can be found in the Apple Education Community, as well as additional resources for every skill level.

Students interested in the Swift Student Challenge can register on the Apple Developer website to be notified when the competition starts. The competition will take place over three weeks in February 2024. A total of 350 winners will be selected, with 50 “Deserved Winners” selected over a three-week period in February 2024. will be invited to Apple Park next summer and “will have the opportunity to interact with each other and the Apple team.”

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