Apple Announces App Store Changes Including $10,000 Price Raise

Joe Rossignol

Apple today announced that it is giving developers an additional 700 price points for apps in the App Store, allowing them to set prices from 29 cents to $10,000. Developers who want their app to be priced above $1,000 should submit a request to Apple.

Developers will have a total of 900 price points to choose from, with the highest 100 price points available on request only. The new price points will increase gradually, including every 10 cents to $10, every 50 cents between $10 and $50, and so on. Rounded price endings will also be available, such as $0.90 or $1.00, as well as prices starting with two repeating digits (for example, £110,000 in South Korea).

In August 2021 Apple promised to expand the number of App Store price points as part of a $100 million deal with developers.

Apple also makes it easier for developers to manage exchange rate changes by allowing them to select their preferred storefront as the basis for automatically generating prices in 174 other App Store storefronts and 44 currencies. For example, Apple says that a Japanese game developer that gets most of its business from Japanese customers can set a price for a storefront in Japan, and their prices outside the country will automatically update as exchange rates and tax rates change around the world. Developers will still be able to set prices for each storefront if they choose.

Apple says the new pricing and exchange rate control will be available to apps that offer auto-renewing subscriptions starting today, as well as all other applications. apps and in-app purchases “in spring 2023.”

Apple will periodically update prices in certain App Store regions based on changes in exchange rates and taxes. The company says that starting in 2023, developers of paid apps and in-app purchases will be able to set prices in territories that will not be affected by these automatic price adjustments from now on.

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