Apple and Zedd Collaborate to Allow GarageBand Users to Remix 'Clarity' Hit

Joe Rossignol

Apple today, in collaboration with artist Zedd, announced that a new remix session of Zedd's dance hit “Clarity” is now available in GarageBand.

iPhone and iPad users can now open GarageBand app and “Clarity” remix directed by Zedd. The free Remix Session can be downloaded from GarageBand's sound library, and Zedd shared an accompanying YouTube video with tips on how to remix a song in a couple of minutes using the Live Loops app interface.

Live Loops allows GarageBand users to explore all the individual parts of a Grammy Award winning song such as vocals, beats, synths, as well as quickly re-arranging and adding new elements to a song with no musical experience.

“Clarity” is also available from Spatial Audio at Apple Music starting today, following the 10th anniversary of the song's release last month.

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