Amazon now lets you sign in with Apple Face ID or Touch ID and passwords

Apple key registration

Amazon users can now log into their accounts using a password, which is a biometric authentication like Face ID. or Touch ID.

Apple introduced support for passwords in iOS 16, implying that you are already authenticated — or identifiable — with biometric systems iPhone and Apple Watch. Additionally, some Mac keyboards can be unlocked using the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, allowing you to accurately identify the user.

“This is about providing customers with both ease of use and security in their Amazon experience,” Dave Treadwell, Amazon's senior vice president of e-commerce, said in a statement. “While passwords will still be around for the foreseeable future, this is an exciting step in the right direction.”

“We are thrilled to be an early adopter of this new authentication method that helps realize our vision of a more secure, password-free Internet,” continued Treadwell.

Although it's been over 16 months since Apple announced passkeys at WWDC 2022, it was Apple that popularized the idea. The access keys were created by the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium, but Apple — and from May 2023 also Google — ensured it was supported on people's devices.

“When a customer uses a password on Amazon, it proves that they have access to their device and can unlock it,” says Amazon. “Customers no longer have to worry about remembering unique passwords or using easy-to-guess identifiers such as names or birthdays.”

The company says Passkey support is now available to all Amazon users in browsers. It is “gradually rolling out to the Amazon Shopping app for iOS, with support coming soon to the Amazon Shopping app for Android.”

In the browser, users set up a password as follows:

  1. By signing in to as usual
  2. Selecting Accounts & Lists in the upper left corner.
  3. From the drop-down list, select Account under the heading Your Account
  4. Click Enter and strengthen; Security
  5. Then under Password, click Settings.

Amazon is a big company adding password support, but this it was made ahead of a number of companies, including such retailers as Best Buy, Home Depot and eBay.

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