Amazon adds password support, making logins more secure

Posted by Julie Clover

Amazon today announced that it has added password support to its desktop sites and mobile apps, allowing customers to log into their accounts without having to enter a password.

Access keys are a more secure alternative to passwords because the access key cannot be transferred to another person as a result of a phishing attempt or leaked to the network as a result of a database hack. Access Keys do not require customers to remember a password or add a two-factor authentication code, but they do require a verified device.

Access Keys can be set up in Amazon Settings, and on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac account login Amazon can be completed using a Face ID or Touch ID scan after enabling this feature. To enable this feature, go to Your Account > Sign in and security and select the Customize option next to Passkeys.

Apple has implemented passkey support in iOS 16 and macOS Ventura. Access keys work through a public key, which is stored on the website's server, combined with a private key, which is stored on a specific device. On Apple devices, access keys are verified using ‌Face ID‌ or ‌Touch ID‌, and the two keys must match for the user to sign in.

Access keys are based on iCloud Keychain, which in turn requires two-factor authentication for added security. Access keys are synchronized across all user devices ‌iPhone‌, ‌iPad‌ and Mac, but can also be used on third-party devices through a QR code system.

Amazon says it supports passkey is available today for all Amazon customers using browsers, and will be added to it in the near future Amazon app for iOS devices.

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