Alleged iOS 17 leak offers vague rundown of new features for iPhone users

As we get closer to Apple's official iOS 17 announcement at WWDC in June, some interesting facts about new features. appear. A new Twitter leak claims to offer a broad overview of Apple's plans for iOS 17, but sadly doesn't go into detail…

Very vague iOS 17 leak

The leak comes from Twitter user “analyst941” who accurately shared some details about Dynamic Island ahead of last year's iPhone 14 Pro launch. However, they do not have an established long-term track record of accurate leaks. The vagueness of this rumor also makes us doubt it more than usual. With that said, we're taking this rumor with a fair amount of skepticism for now.

In a Twitter thread, the source laid out a summary of “everything” he “knows” about “what's new in iOS 17” .

First of all, the source claims that iOS 17 will support all iPhone models that are supported by iOS 16. However, there still seem to be questions about iPadOS 17 device compatibility, and the source says that the iPad work on A9 and A10 Fusion chips. may be canceled this year. Apple will reportedly make a final decision on this sometime in the next two to three weeks.

“Performance, efficiency, stability and long-term support for older devices are the main features of this update,” the post reads. to a leak. Among the “new features” in development:

  • Additional settings for iPhone 14 Pro always-on display
  • Additional filters for focus modes
  • “Changes and more options” to manage notifications
  • Custom accessibility mode first reported by 9to5Mac
  • “Improvements” to the car key and “more car implementations in the Wallet app”
  • Changes to the UI of the Health app, including changes to the Favorites interface.
  • “Greatly improved” features for search and Spotlight.
  • “Absolute behemoth ARKit APIs/frameworks”
  • “Dynamic Island will do much more”
  • “Camera app changes; originally planned for iPhone 14 Pro and MAY only be implemented on iPhone 15, not all iOS 17 devices.”

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Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the leak suggests that Apple is testing “active widgets” that “provide buttons, sliders and more with just one touch” to help make widgets more “dynamic”. However, this feature is said to be “under testing, but not confirmed in any way”.

Unfortunately, that's all this leak has to offer. It outlines some of the broad areas that Apple is supposedly focusing on in iOS 17, but doesn't provide many specific details. As we said earlier, take this with a grain of salt. Apple will officially announce iOS 17 in less than two months at WWDC 2023.

What are the most requested features for iOS 17 this year? Let us know in the comments.

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