AirTag proves once again that it might be time to hide a tracker in your car

Hide the AirTag in your car

A Canadian hid an AirTag in his BMW, leading to the vehicle being quickly recovered after it was stolen.

The AirTag was hidden in Saamer Mansour's BMW for about six months before it completed its task. The Apple tracker is about the size of a quarter and can easily be hidden in something large, such as a car.

According to a CTV News report shared by 9to5Mac, Mansour was able to get his BMW back just hours after discovering the car was stolen. His brother warned him the BMW was missing, but a quick look at Apple Find My showed it was parked at the motel.

Mansur and his brother headed to the AirTag location and called the police along the way. They were able to take the car and most of the things inside.

The car theft surprised Mansur, who said he was always careful. But the night before, while communicating with his sick son, he forgot to close the window — giving thieves the perfect opportunity.

The Apple AirTag is a relatively cheap tracking device that gives users access to Apple's Find My network for just $30 apiece. Although hiding the AirTag in the BMW was only a preventative measure, it saved Mansoor a lot of headaches.

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