After all, the iPhone 15 doesn't come with color-matched cables

Everyone gets a white cable

Every iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro sold will come with the same white braided USB 2.0 port Type C cable

There were rumors that Apple would include a matching color USB-C cable with every iPhone sold, but that didn't happen. Instead, Apple includes the same 1-meter white braided cable with each device.

These cables support fast charging for all iPhone models. Fast charging occurs when using a compatible cable and power adapter rated at 20W or more.

The previously rumored cables appear to have actually existed, at least at some stage of testing. One of the rumored iPhone cables was a short Thunderbolt cable, which supported rumors of a Thunderbolt port on the iPhone 15 Pro.

Before the Apple event, host Majin Boo shared that there will still be no cables with the same color, but all devices will receive a white cable. This turned out to be true, but the source of the information wanted to add more details.

It appears that the colorful cables shown in previous photos may not be the final versions being shipped to customers. These are likely new versions that will ship with new Macs.

Apple is expected to update the 24-inch iMac M3 later this year. Cables of the same color may be designed for these machines.

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