Advertising of X peppers without labels in some users' subscription feeds

A new discovery has revealed that X (Twitter) is serving ads in the Next feed to users without labels, forcing them to appear. like regular content. While it can be difficult to recognize fraudulent ads, there is a way to check if there are undetected ads in your feed.

Agencies such as the FTC in the US and EASA in The EU has requirements for advertising labels, and it appears that X is breaking these rules, either accidentally or intentionally.

As TechCrunch's Sarah Perez reports, after hearing from a tipster about unlabeled ads in the X Follow feed, she did some digging to see what she could find using X on the web using Chrome.

As Sarah noted, since many listings are marked with an X (top right corner), unmarked listings are harder to find. She eventually found “a good handful of unlabeled ads” in her subscription feed, such as those from the NFL:

via TechCrunch

How to check for unlabeled ads on X

The fastest way to check if you have unlabeled ads in your subscription feed is to click on the three-dot icon in the top right corner publications.

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and it seems that X breaks these rules, whether by accident or on purpose

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If this advertisement, you will see the message “Aren’t you interested in this ad?” and “Why this ad?” above:

via TechCrunch

Like Tesla, X dropped the PR team, but Sarah nonetheless reached out for comment on the matter and was returned the default automatic response: “Currently busy, please , check back later.”

Time will tell if this is enough of a violation for the FTC and other regulators to launch an investigation.

p>Have you noticed ads without labels in your X Follows feed? ? Share your experience in the comments!

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