A large crowd gathered for the opening of the Apple Store American Dream Mall

Apple American Dream Launch Logo


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Crowds of people lined up to attend the opening of the new Apple Store at New Jersey's American Dream Mall on Saturday. – branded bag

The Apple American Dream Store in East Rutherford, New Jersey opened at 11:00 a.m. Dec. 3. Although the opening had been announced less than a week before, on November 28, the event attracted quite a few people to take part.

In one video posted by Gregory McFadden on Twitter, shoppers line up around the balcony and throughout the building to enter the store.

The lucky few who showed up on opening day also received a free big bag for their efforts. The bag featured a rainbow-lined Apple logo, the same one used to advertise the store's opening.

The store front uses Apple's latest retail space design, including a dedicated area for online ordering. The store at the mall will also be scheduling customers to meet at the Genius Bar and host “Today at Apple” sessions.

American Dream Mall opened in 2019 and is the second largest mall in the US. Although outnumbering Pennsylvania's King of Prussia by over 200,000 people, American Dream is still smaller than the nation's largest mall, Mall of America.

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