9to5Rewards: MacBook Air Gift + Chargeasap Zeus 270W USB-C GaN Charger

We've teamed up with Chargeasap to give away Apple's latest MacBook to celebrate the release of Chargeasap's new Zeus 270W USB-C GaN charger. Scroll down below to enter the giveaway now and get up close and personal with the new Chargeasap Zeus charger.

Asap Zeus Charger

Chargeasap's Zeus charger is said to be the world's first and smallest 270W GaN charger. It features four different USB ports with four different maximum outputs on each, delivering up to 140W of power via USB-C.

This means it has enough power to charge a 16-inch Macbook Pro at full speed, as well as three other devices. It's also a GaN smart charger, which means that depending on which device and how many devices you have connected, the Zeus charger will charge those devices at maximum efficiency while maintaining battery health. Another thing to consider is the size and weight of the charger. It's much smaller than the Apple-supplied 16-inch MacBook Pro charger, with almost twice the power and 4 times the ports! This Zeus charger can therefore easily charge up to three MacBooks and an iPhone.

You can order the Zeus charger at an early price for a limited time.

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