20-inch foldable MacBook rumored to arrive in 2026

Macbook foldable can be 20.25″ unfolded

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Supply chain rumors suggest that Apple will release OLED not only for the iPad but also for the foldable MacBook Pro as early as 2026. < p>Apple's foldable product has been rumored ever since Samsung released its first foldable smartphone. While most expect an iPhone Fold in the near future, some rumors suggest that Apple is also looking for larger foldable displays.

A report from supply chain analysts The Elec says that Apple will launch a foldable model with a 20.25-inch display that will fold into a 15.3-inch device. This product is expected to be the MacBook Pro, though it won't be ready for release until 2026 or 2027.

Before the 20-inch foldable MacBook, Apple will be working on this product, updating its product lines with similar technologies first — at least according to this report. Elec shared the entire roadmap from today's LCD products to tomorrow's foldables.

Folding roadmap

First, Apple will transition the iPad to OLED in 2024 with an 11-inch iPad . Pro and 12.9-inch iPad Pro with this technology. LG Display and Samsung Display are allegedly developing OLED for these products.

Apple will then release OLED MacBooks in 2025. Later, in 2025, Apple will release its first foldable — an iPad mini-sized product. According to The Elec, Apple will never release a foldable iPhone as there is no reason for the product to fold at such a small size.

A device that opens into a 7-inch tablet, rather than a small flip phone

Then, finally, Apple would have the mind, technology, and ability release their 20.25″ foldable MacBook in 2026 or 2027. hit-and-miss when it comes to rumors. It tends to be most accurate when discussing supply chain information, but may not always determine product development plans.

Ross Young of DSCC has already shared a rumor about a foldable big screen. However, the rest seem speculative at best and should be treated as such.

Apple is developing many products that will never see the light of day. Even some products, like the mysterious Apple Magic Charger, get to the prototyping stage and run out at the last second. Thus, supply chain orders cannot always be tied to products that will exist.

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